Online commerce solutions that scale across all electronic platforms are available.

A worldwide commercial center is the internet. The limitations of region and language options are removed for the consumer. They use cutting-edge shopping experiences that are convenient, provide things with financial value, and are absolutely impressive. Your company needs the skills, knowledge, and technological passion of a market creator if it wants to stand out among e-commerce business app providers.

In response to the growing demand for e-commerce android app development and iOS app development, we have developed specialised resources and front-line solutions that are high content for SMBs looking to increase their online presence. Your e-commerce business is only going to work hand in side with the top mobile app developers who serve customers all over the world by developing cutting edge, simple services that satisfy complex criteria.

Experts in e-commerce app development, X-Strategy Services, have received multiple honours for their outstanding work developing mobile eCommerce applications that put your company in the driver’s seat. Simplify your operational needs and improve your interaction with incoming clients to develop a remarkable resource for expanding business opportunities.

We are a leading e-commerce website development company that specializes in creating custom e-commerce solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our team of experienced developers has a proven track record of success in developing high-performing e-commerce websites that help businesses grow their sales.

How our services for developing eCommerce applications enhance the purchasing experience

We develop an eCommerce app with a user-centric design to provide a pleasurable buying experience. Through our strong, scalable, and well designed e-commerce app, we learn what users want and guarantee continuous success. Check out some practical and popular e-commerce app features that we have incorporated into our apps to guarantee a wonderful user experience.

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Seamless Payments Integration

We carry out a seamless, quick, and dependable payment connection where we ensure a safe and secure payment option in order to give your users a variety of payment options. We combine a number of secure, convenient, and fast payment solutions to make sure you never lose customers or users. For the convenience of users, we integrate a number of payment methods, including net banking, credit card, debit card, PayPal, and PayTm payments.

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Thoughtful Push Notifications

Since we are aware of the importance of push notifications, we also consider them as one of the key components of an eCommerce/m-commerce application like yours. We design mind-blowing and smart push alerts that highlight the most recent events in your company and application to translate to continuous orders and non-stop business activity on your e-commerce app in order to give your business a wide doorway to pick sales from.

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Flexible Offline Shopping

We provide offline shopping support for your e-commerce app to give your consumer deeper experience. The goal of developing and implementing this function is to give the user a no less than better shopping and product viewing experience even when there is no internet connectivity. Users should also be able to see whatever has been downloaded in the background of the app with this feature.

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Intelligent Filter & Search Options

In order to save your customers’ valuable time, we build in extremely advanced and intelligent search & filter functionality while developing e-commerce apps. We build several filters that may be used to quickly and easily find the various and desirable products that consumers are looking for.

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 Great User Experience

We design and install innovative apps using business information & customized user experience to deploy the unique and improved user experience through the app.With a view towards maintaining the maximum users possible by giving them an engaging user experience, our built application decodes the customers’ wishes and offers a fully personalized & customized shopping experience.

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Simple navigation and real-time assistance

We know that providing the easiest path throughout the buying process is essential, thus we build the displays that create the seamless navigations where all the features and items combine in an absolutely remarkable way. We offer excellent customer service and in-app assistance in addition to easy navigation so that your users will love using your eCommerce app.

Primary Features for a Fun Shopping Experience

We plan and develop mobile commerce apps that give your consumers an engaging and continuous buying experience as well as assist retain and attract them to return to your app as frequently as possible in order to power your customers’ premium digital experiences. Our mobile e-commerce apps help your company in developing an online commercial center to attract numerous retailers to market their unique products online.

Our Recent Projects


Maya Nujaim

Maya Nujaim is a Montreal-based pianist and composer. Her music ranges from modern-classical, to pop, to film soundtracks.


Dial A Battery

Dial A Battery is your One-Stop-Shop that specializes in providing ‘on-the-spot’ automotive services. Our goal is to get you moving .


Barakat Opticals

Al Barakat Group is a manufacturer, an agent and an optician all in one that we distribute directly to our branches.



Pregma is the UK’s first provider of comprehensive maternity care during pregnancy and early motherhood.



Petoi is the maker of futuristic bionic robot pets for adults and kids with applications in robotics/STEM/coding/AI learning and human companion


Awesome Suite

Set your business apart and understand your customers better with our awesome suite of applications


Concept One Property Services

We offer a complete property service including Landscaping design and construction of residential new builds,


Level3 Insurance

Level3 Insurance is a full-service, client-focused insurance brokerage dedicated to providing individuals, families, and businesses with the highest quality coverage strategies.



Born in 2013, JETINNO is an intelligent equipment company focused on building commercial coffee machines and solutions that are needed for the market.


Edmont Consulting Services

Master practitioner in Clinical Counseling with a private practice in Edmonton, Alberta. I focus on adults and families struggling with mental health issues.



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Barakat: Grocery Shopping App

Barakat is your go-to online grocer for the freshest fruits, vegetables, fruit juices, salads, ice creams, juice-pops & more.


Tooth Tales

Dentistry is an ever-evolving field of medical science. Our passion for kids’ smiles inspires us to learn new methods and procedures to provide long-lasting care to kids

Why you should choose X-Strategy Services for your e-commerce app Development

The key is experience. Your clients require outstanding goods as well as a highly personalized purchasing experience. Our digital solutions allowed multiple brands to increase efficiency throughout the whole value chain by increasing customer response and accelerating existing business operations. We are all prepared to announce your presence online along with them.

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Since the introduction of smartphones, everything has gone digital, and every industry has moved online to provide their businesses a wider view. The e-Commerce sector is using the new internet and smartphone usability revolution, like every other sector. And for this reason, m-commerce joined the picture. People are using their cell phones to conduct quick and easy shopping, which is ensuring a more strong future for the sector. People who shop online have been observed preferring for applications since they provide them with more consistent, long-term clients. Multiple brands and e-commerce companies rely on and push toward developing their own e-commerce applications for their businesses as mCommerce continues to grow and reach new heights.
The advantages of using eCommerce app development services for your e-commerce company are numerous. You may make your brand more active all the time by utilizing mobile apps. The users will only need to tap their finger to get your brand's offerings if you take use of the power of eCommerce app development services. You may lower the rate of cart departure and shift your business into high speed by using efficient mobile marketing methods.
The features, components, and resource distribution of the project determine how quickly an eCommerce app will be developed. Every app development project involves the development of a front-end, back-end, admin panel, user panel, and in the case of an e-commerce app, a buyer's app (Android or iOS), seller app (Android or iOS), admin web, and activity management panel. Each of the above-mentioned elements now requires a different length of time. Additionally, other app features determine the timing for app development. Visit our business consulting desk to find out more about the timeline for developing an e-commerce app in full.
The cost of developing an e-commerce app depends on a number of variables, including the app's functionality, the development platform, security integrations, third-party integrations like payment gateways, the timetable, available resources, and the application's complexity. You can ask a question at our support desk to get more information about the cost of an e-commerce application. Our business specialists would help you right away.
One of the top companies for developing mobile e-commerce apps is X-Strategy Services, which only uses tried-and-true, cutting-edge technologies. They could then give the finest scalability, performance, security, and features. Our devoted eCommerce app developers assist with estimating upfront expenditures for developing eCommerce apps. Additionally, this includes a guarantee that the application will be supported and maintained using the appropriate technology. To have a close-up look at the UI/UX and functionality of the applications, visit our work portfolio.


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