Utilize React Native's Strengths Throughout the App Development Process

React Native is a popular framework for developing mobile apps that allows developers to use the same codebase for both iOS app development and Android App Development. It leverages the power of React, a JavaScript library for building user interfaces, to create high-performance, cross-platform apps. With React Native, developers can take advantage of the framework’s built-in features, such as hot-reloading, which allows for quick iteration during the development process. Additionally, React Native’s vast ecosystem of libraries and tools can be utilized in all stages of app development, from prototyping to testing to deployment.

Overall, React Native offers a streamlined and efficient way to build mobile apps for multiple platforms.

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Find out what X-Strategy services have to offer for React Native App Development

React Native enables our customers to quickly deploy their mobile app ideas thanks to its range of advantages and features. The solution is cross-platform, allowing for smooth operation on both iOS and Android without impacting native app development. Get smooth cross-platform app development services at x-Strategy Services. Use the potential of React Native in creative UI/UX design to create far superior apps that go above and beyond what Native apps must provide.

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Cross-platform compatibility

React Native allows developers to use the same codebase for both iOS and Android, saving time and resources.

Android App Development Company

High performance

React Native uses native components, which provides a smooth and responsive user experience.

Android App Development Company

Short development time

React Native’s hot-reloading feature allows for quick iteration during the development process, reducing the time required to build an app.

Android App Development Company


React Native allows you to build mobile apps for multiple platforms with the same codebase, which reduces the cost of development.

Android App Development Company

Reusability of code

React Native allows developers to reuse code across different platforms, thus reducing development time and cost.

Android App Development Company

An ecosystem of libraries and tools

React Native has a vast ecosystem of libraries and tools that can be used in all stages of app development, from prototyping to deployment.

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To dominate throughout many platforms, work with the best flexible React native app development team.

Hire our react native app development team to receive the full suite of services. It has a team of experienced React Native developers and a variety of assistance. With our help, you may even get diverse but efficient mobile app development services. React native apps are created entirely from scratch by our team of developers. With the goal of ramping up your app’s performance, we integrate the framework to your already-developed app.

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Best React Native Development Services

Our company was one of the first to use React Native. We make an effort to keep to our correct timeframe estimates. This helps to enhance your ability to plan and anticipate your business operations and to deliver the exact solution that your company requires.

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Capable of Handling and Offering the Ability of React Native

We have a brilliant team of project managers, designers, and developers that are all experts in their respective fields. This indicates that we can handle all aspects of the creation of your app, including UI/UX and backend development.

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Costs of Development Estimated

Depending on the requirements, we estimate a project’s cost and follow to it. You are able to more effectively manage your budget because the development cost of your React Native app is predetermined.

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Product with Future Proofing

React Native is one of the latest technologies we engage in staying up to date with. Our React Native developers can guide you on the appropriate languages, libraries, and frameworks of your product.

React Native Tech-Stack

While developing a react native app, we will use the same tech stack as native for all other components except from the front-end technology, which will remain react native. By joining all the technological points of our hand-picked tools, we provide excellent solutions.

  1. JavaScript
  2. TypeScript


Apps iOS


Social Media

Google Analytics


Google Maps

SMS Gateway

Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway

Live & Video Streaming

Chat, Audio & Video Call

AR & VR Integration

Realm & Core Data Base

In App Notifications

Maps & Geofencing

Image & Video


In App Purchase

Business Engagement Models

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Extended Team

We provide the Extended Team model to provide our clients the freedom to manage the development team remotely. Under this model, the customer hires the team remotely and only pays for the team, not the infrastructure.

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Time & Material

We offer a T&M model that functions ideally for Agile projects and can pay on an hourly, weekly, or monthly basis depending upon how many resources, materials, or other costs were used during the programming process.

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Fixed Budget

This approach works best for small projects with specific requirements. This is performed in accordance using a milestone-based roadmap; it must be completed within a predetermined budget while optimizing all of your operations and producing outputs quickly.


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