Top 5 JavaScript Frameworks For Web And App Development

by | Sep 14, 2022 | Mobile App Development, Web Development

All people who are somehow connected to the world of technical innovation are certainly familiar with JavaScript. And if you’re just starting your journey, you may be wondering if JavaScript Familiar is really that famous? Does it justify all the hype?

Rather than pitting my words against yours, I’d like to share some stats. What do you think of how many websites are there in the world? At the moment (as I write this blog) there are almost 1.981.461.555. This number increases every second. You can check the current tally here. Do you know how many of them are built with javascript? 98.0%. This is the fact stated by the statistics of W3. Now you can calculate how many websites are currently using JavaScript.

These are site statistics only. What about web developers? Well, according to the Stackoverflow survey, nearly 66% of developers said they chose JavaScript as their programming language. And that’s not all, this is the 10th consecutive year that web developers have chosen JavaScript as their most used programming language.

JavaScript is nothing more than a collection of JavaScript code libraries and pre-written code that make the development process quick and easy. In addition to providing all the support needed to give their development path an edge, JavaScript development provides numerous frameworks that make the web and app development process flawless.

5 Top JavaScript Frameworks

1) React JS

One of the most popular frameworks is React JS. It was introduced by Facebook or now we can say Meta. It is one of the frameworks that developers love because ReactJS allows developers to easily build versatile and fluid web apps.

Before I get confused, I want to specify one thing. React is a library and React JS is a framework that spans the entire library ecosystem.

We could write a completely different blog if we start by listing all the great features of React JS. So, let’s keep it brief here. Web development companies can use React JS to create interactive and dynamic web application solutions with easy-to-read and debuggable coding structures.

React JS allows developers to break down the complex user interface into more understandable and reusable components that minimize the website redevelopment effort. Web developers can use each module both server-side and client-side, reducing development time.

Moreover, React JS offers secure data flow, efficient storage data structures, and various other features that minimize development time and deliver amazing results. Well-known brands like Grammarly, Outlook, Codecademy, Netflix, Paypal and many more use React JS.

2) Vue JS

Vue JS is another popular framework that offers stiff competition to React JS. Although both are versatile and open source frameworks, several developers still prefer Vue JS because it is easily accessible to both programmers and non-programmers. Most front developers prefer Vue JS because it is much easier to learn and more customizable than HTML.

Vue JS provides a set of tools to accomplish PWA development and negate development efforts for programmatic navigation, page structure, custom layouts, and various other front-end development efforts.

As for practical use, Trustpilot, Alibaba, BMW, Behance, Gitlab, Adobe Portfolio and many other web solutions are built with Vue JS.

3) Meteor JS

Unlike other Meteor JS, it is built with Node. JS that supports web and app development for Android, iOS and even cross-platform. Meteor JS is widely known for its real-time features that power web applications and offer various services such as live video streams, news feeds, score updates, and many more.

Additionally, Meteor JS minimized the effort developers had to spend on building the front-end, back-end, and database, allowing them to build in a single language. Meteor JS provides easy-to-use user templates that automatically update data in the database. Some of the web application solutions like Streem, Bitcasino and many more are built with Meteor JS.

4) Angular JS

If you want to hire web developers to develop single-page apps, make sure they have experience working with Angular JS. Angular JS is the perfect choice when it comes to developing single-page applications because it puts code quality standards at its heart.

Since almost every other developer is good at working with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, it makes their work with Angular JS easier. Additionally, it offers a number of UI components that make it easier for web designers to develop filters, form controls, and various other elements with less effort.

Like any other framework, Angular JS has its own advantages and disadvantages, although different companies like Udemy, Snapchat, Amazon, Gmail, Forbes and many more use Angular JS.

5) Svelte

Another open source framework Svelte is one of the lightweight frameworks that help web developers to build fast and scalable websites.

Svelte is another framework that helps real-time applications because it uses less code and makes it more efficient, which works well on different devices.

A Svelte component framework is first a compiler and later a UI framework. Lightweight and robust, Svelte also helps reduce the size of the data packet, which makes the website load and run faster. Moreover, Svelte avoids having to insert the glue codes or responsive codes which makes the web and app development process more efficient and accurate.


Although the blog ends here, the list of JavaScript frameworks does not. There are various other Java Script frameworks that make the development process easy and fast. Let us know which is your favorite framework.

If you are unsure what might be the ideal framework for your project development needs, you can contact our web developers who will help you further in the process.


Q. How do you hire a web developer?
You can contact a leading web app development company like X-Strategy Services and hire dedicated web developers based on your project requirements.

Q. How much does it cost to hire web developers? As mentioned above, web development costs cannot be defined without proper development project requirements. Likewise, the cost estimate for hiring web app developers depends on several factors such as project requirements, development complexity, developer location, developer skills and abilities, and many more.

Q. How long does it take to develop a web development project?
Just like cost estimation, determining the time frame for web app development depends on several factors such as project requirements, development complexity, project features and capabilities, and many more.

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