Things to know before hiring full stack developers for web application development

by | Oct 6, 2022 | Mobile App Development

If you know a bit about web application development, you might have an idea of ​​the difference in opinions when it comes to hiring full-stack developers.

Every web application developer usually ends up discussing full stack developers. While some of them say full stack devs are the ones who have a deep understanding of everything and save a lot of effort by replacing front-end devs and back-end devs. While others will agree with the general idea that full-stack developers might have a little knowledge of everything, but nothing special.

As for judgments, none of them are good or bad. But it’s more like full-stack developers serve as a bridge between front-end developers and back-end developers. There is something you need to know about full-stack developers. They aren’t just magicians waving a magic wand and replacing both front-end and back-end developers. Even some newbies won’t be a burden on your team because they aren’t the particular genius of a particular tech stack.

You may be wondering why you should hire full stack developers for your web app development, right? Well, full-stack developers can decide the fate of your web app development project. Experienced full-stack developers can be the backbone of the project, helping both back-end developers and front-end developers where and when necessary. Additionally, full-stack developers ensure that front-end developers and back-end developers stay on the same page so that the web app development project runs smoothly.

So it’s important to hire experienced full-stack developers who share the same vision as your front-end and back-end development team. Now that you know the importance of full-stack developers, you may need some tips to help you through the process of hiring full-stack developers.

Things to know before hiring full stack developers

1) Front-end and back-end knowledge

Full-stack engineers have knowledge of both front-end and back-end programming and are well versed with the basics. Full-stack developers know both front-end and back-end development and are capable of the basics. Then check the development settings of the backend and the frontend. This includes, among other basic development skills such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

If they have hands-on frontend development experience, you should also look at their basic server-side skills. Don’t forget to check their PHP knowledge, API integration, REST, AWS integration, CMS knowledge and various innovations.

Although you can hire full-stack developers the traditional way, hiring full-stack developers from large web application development companies can help you find experienced developers. You can even consider hiring full-stack developers through the community. The community includes full-stack developers from all over the world. These pre-ranked developers have years of experience and development capabilities, as well as industry pioneers with outstanding project management skills. If you’re hoping to hire full-stack developers, be sure to connect with the best developer community.

2) Skills required

To determine page design, full-stack developers should work with HTML. For an effective presentation of HTML components, they must have knowledge of CSS. Planning for an intuitive, natural, and engaging application front end requires full-stack engineers to have strengths for both.

Full Stack developers should have knowledge of JavaScript, as well as related tools and technologies, such as Respond and Angular. One of the most amazing things about JavaScript is that it comes with many valuable elements – skills, templates, delegation of higher demands, and conclusions, which help create intuitive web pages. The backend is an equally important part of any application or product. PHP, Python, Ruby and Java are the other expected dialects that are important to become a full-stack developer.

Full stack developers need to understand the intricacies of web engineering. They must know how to organize code, classify datasets, organize data into datasets, and perform essential computational activities, since their core job is to develop sophisticated programming software from the ground up.

All web applications need a record to store all information. This ensures that full-stack developers actually want access to data when they need it. Database capacity requires the proficiency of full-stack developers familiar with social datasets and dataset capacity. Database organization is important for full-stack developers; They must be able to create, understand and modify database queries.

In case you are hoping to hire full-stack developers, in addition to asking for specialized interviews, you should also evaluate delicate skills such as productive use of time, attention to detail, and an analytical mind.

3) GitHub profile

A full-fledged web developer needed to create the world’s most popular version control system: Git. Even for junior web developers, having a GitHub profile is essential. How well maintained is your GitHub profile, given that any web app development company might ask the same question? You might underestimate it, but checking, querying, and maintaining the GitHub profile is a new trend.

Part of the ideas that make up the work has changed with the adjustment of technological models. The ubiquity of store destinations, the rise of open source development, the emotional decline of easing barriers (both cost and complexity), universal public access to the mobile app market, and the rise of open source development have all contributed to the developer’s new ability to show employers a proven portfolio.

Despite the reasonable assumption that experienced full-stack developers will see little benefit from exposing their work to public scrutiny, some normal prejudice and shame could be nurtured and possibly overcome by sharing personal development projects. For a competent developer who is definitely under-challenged by their normal daily work, it can be very difficult to find competent achievements to mention on their resume.


Whether you need a single full-stack developer or an entire team of developers to run a single project, you must follow a specific hiring process to score the checklist with all the essentials that can affect the development of the project. We offer you an easy exit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long can web development take?

Just like the cost estimate, the definition of web development solution time frame also depends on various factors such as project requirements, web development time frame, web development complexity, solution type, features and required features including web development team of web developers and many more.

2. How much does it cost to hire a full stack developer?

Estimating the cost of hiring full-stack developers does not depend on a single factor. The cost estimate considers various factors such as your web development project needs, type of web development solution, required developer skills, developer experience, and many more. You can get the cost estimate after completing all these answers.

3. How can I hire the best full-stack web developers for my project requirements?

You can contact a leading web development company such as X-Strategy Services and hire dedicated full stack web developers who can use their development knowledge, years of experience and advanced skills to develop digital solutions after your project requirements are completed.