React vs Vue: Which Framework To Choose ?

by | Sep 16, 2022 | Web Development

One of the best open-source JavaScript frameworks, react vs Vue, helps developers easily develop complex user interfaces, mobile applications, and various others. If both are useful, what’s the difference? How do you choose the best? What could be the perfect choice for the next project? We find the answers to all these questions, starting from knowing what is React JS and what is Vue JS?

What Is React JS?

React JS development offers greater flexibility by using short isolated sections of code known as components that can help users create logic and user interfaces without using a much more complex code base. React JS uses the copy of a real DOM known as a virtual DOM with all other elements represented as JavaScript objects. All these elements, virtual objects and DOMs help ReactJS developers simplify and speed up the development process

What Is Vue JS?

When React JS provides one-way binding, Vue JS development provides two-way binding using components and virtual DOM. One of the things that distinguishes Vue JS from React JS is that it provides developers with a platform to easily migrate their project running on another framework. It provides features and functionality that transfer the entire project to another project at the same time. Furthermore, Vue JS gives developers the freedom to use JS as a full framework or as a lightweight library.

What Are The Major Differences Between React vs Vue?

Vue vs. React Performance

Since React and Vue share a large number of similar components, their overall presentation is roughly equivalent. The two structures use virtual DOMs and slow loading to support page execution and loading speeds.

However, there are some circumstances where one clearly beats the other. For example, if you change a state of the React component, each of the parts in its subtree also reappears.

However, conditions are followed in Vue to avoid redundant repetitions. While you can use persistent, shouldComponentUpdate, or PureComponent data structures to prevent child parts from being rendered in React, this can add additional complexity and introduce DOM state inconsistencies.

Application Architecture

React is unique in relation to various frameworks and libraries in that it has no implicit design. It uses a component-based architecture, which has its pros and cons. React UIs are provided by components that act as functions and respond to data changes. In this way, internal engineering includes the constant association between the state of the components and the customer’s activities.

Vue’s focus on the ViewModel approach to MVVM design works great for enterprise-grade applications. Use bidirectional information that restricts the view and the model. Vue’s essential goal is to provide a simple, customizable visualization layer, not an all-encompassing framework.


When considering using React over Vue for massive applications, React has an advantage due to its ease of customization. Since React apps use JavaScript exclusively, web developers can use common code association strategies for easy scaling. Reusing components improves the adaptability of React.

While Vue is also versatile due to its wide range of adaptable devices, it is more considered normal use in smaller applications (although application size obviously depends on the architecture). Due to the powerful design, you should take advantage of Vue’s libraries and mixins to overcome scaling limitations. So, if you are thinking of a React vs. Vue, React may be more involved in future development.


Vue is the undeniable champion of documentation. Vue’s website offers high-quality, highly detailed images presented in various dialects, and the documents and API references are widely considered to be the best in the business. In the documents you can find undeniable answers to various questions and problems. However, since the Vue community isn’t as large as React’s, you may have more trouble finding the right solutions for questions not covered in the documentation.

React’s documentation isn’t even close to Vue’s level, so you’re much more likely to rely on community support to address issues and concerns. However, React has a monstrous and dynamic community, with a huge determination for learning materials.

Community Support

This brings us to the topic of React vs Vue community support. This is an indispensable part of any innovation, as the community helps both new and experienced developers and builds third-party solutions and devices.

React is created and supported by Facebook, which incorporates it into their own applications. So it has a lot of ongoing support and a functioning community that builds and keeps up with new inventions reliably.

Vue is a developer trick, not an organization, so it didn’t take part in the quick, high-profile support that React did. When it was first delivered, many engineers found it capricious and were reluctant to deal with it. Be that as it may, Vue has seen significant development and expansion in the foreground, thanks to the help and efforts of the user community.


With 197,000 Github stars, Vue is arguably the best known JavaScript framework. In any case, React has climbed to second place, with 190,000 stars, and continues to develop and acquire new users. Some major organizations have built web applications using Vue.js and React.

Web Application Made with Vue Development

  • Trusted pilot
  • Alibaba
  • BMW
  • Behance
  • Gitlab
  • Adobe portfolio

Web Applications Made With React Development

  • Netflix
  • Facebook
  • BBC
  • Paypal
  • Instagram
  • Airbnb
  • Twitter
  • Whatsapp


No matter how much we argue about the best, they are both best in their own way. So when you need to decide on the best framework for your web application, it is advisable to contact the web development company to hire a web developer. Having been in the business for years, the web development company knows the best for your web application.


Q. Why should I choose Vue JS instead of React?
From a developer’s perspective, Vue is light, easy to learn, and a pleasure to sign up for.

Q. Should I learn React or Vue 2022? React is the best choice for developing large web applications ? Whereas Vue offers templates to speed up the development process. It is therefore in our own interest to choose the right development framework.

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