React Native Vs Swift – Complete Guide to iPhone App Development

by | Oct 21, 2022 | Mobile App Development

Did you know that there are over 3.59 million apps available in the App Store? People all over the world are entering the world of mobile apps that can help them reach their target audience and improve their service offerings.

Although all these mobile apps serve different purposes, most iPhone app development companies use Swift and React Native to develop different types of mobile apps, be it game apps, apps of e-commerce store or service-oriented mobile applications. But what is Swift development and React native development?

What is Swift Development?

Swift is a programming language, which was introduced by Apple. Since this advanced programming language was developed by Apple, it is not rocket science to realize that it is one of the best for iPhone app development. Rapid development is the best choice for mobile application development for Apple WatchOS, Apple TV mobile applications and various other iPhone based mobile applications.

What is React Native Development?

Another advanced React Native programming language is developed by Facebook. Just like Swift development, React Native is also one of the preferred languages ​​for iOS development, Android development, web app development, and various other Developments. One of the reasons app development companies prefer native app development is because it minimizes development effort by up to 70%. Also, this well-known and adaptive programming language is better suited for cross-platform development.

If both are perfect in their own right, which one can you choose for your next app development project? Let’s discuss them.

React Native vs Swift: App Development Comparison

Coding speed for mobile app development

Swift app development offers better working capabilities than Objective C. It is one of the programming languages ​​with fewer errors and legacy coding capabilities. It can provide outstanding work experience for iOS app development.

When it comes to developing React Native apps, use JavaScript to enhance the coding functionality. This powerful programming language allows iPhone app developers to easily start their development journey. Since the innovation of JavaScript, it has introduced various JavaScript frameworks and tools that allow developers to easily perform development tasks with minimal effort.

Stability of the mobile app

Despite being supported by one of the major programming languages, Respond Native doesn’t really perform native application development. To make the mobile application more stable and capable, it uses internal APIs and libraries. Next, it is important to place a representative between the code and the platform.

Swift app development, on the other hand, provides native application development that can make the most of the capabilities of the app development platform. Swift’s development outperforms as it manages realistic stocks and computationally serious positions, as outlined at the time. In this way, Swift development can be an excellent choice to make your application more powerful.

However, are all apps beefing up the iPhone? Beyond that, how many Swift app developers have the essential skills to create a mobile app productive enough to run more reliably than a React Native app?

Bottom Line: If you hire the app developers with enough years of experience, skills, and knowledge, they can deliver exceptional results whether it’s Swift development or React Native development.

Application Development Documentation & Manual

Along with Apple and Facebook’s development teams, the tech giants control support and maintenance. With that in mind, both are curated and well-researched. In fact, both innovations provide principles for commenting code in a style that can be immediately turned into documentation, eliminating the time required. To be specific: JSDoc for Java Jazza, which modifies Markdown annotations composed by Swift.

Along with documentation provided by the project owner, hosting and automating documentation helps the development team shape its development process. Thus, in reality, any code presented inefficiently appears at first glance to be a waste, regardless of the skill of the programmer. Automated documentation capabilities that add annotations and create the entire report can save a lot of work.

When it comes to automating documentation delivery or, at the very least, collaborating with app developers throughout the development cycle, React Native offers an undeniably advanced feature set.

App development maturity

Swift and React Native were introduced in 2014 and 2015 respectively and are recent innovations. While both innovations are new, there aren’t many major qualifiers.

Another programming language called Swift was created to replace Objective-C. Since a programming language is the basis of all software, it is difficult to create one.

On the other hand, React Native is another proven JavaScript-powered innovation. This makes it less complex to analyze code, identify structural issues, and track down development errors.

App development costs

To conclude by thinking about the development innovation to be used to carry out the project. Application development costs are one of the most important variables to consider. Most problems in this industry could be solved with a simple graph showing how quality increases as costs increase. However, this is usually not the case, especially given the development of iOS applications.

Different evaluations show that the sometimes higher development hourly rate of the team of fast app developers has almost no effect on the hourly rate of web developers.

Of course there isn’t much of a difference with a single app developer, but there is a team of developers working on a big development project.

React Native is therefore somewhat more reasonable, taking into account the estimated development costs in cash, while keeping up with all the benefits it offers.


The obvious squeeze of development isn’t enough to demonstrate every point of React Native and Swift development. Even if it seems that one is better than the other; it totally depends on the requirements of your development project.

They can help you choose the best one based on your project needs with their years of experience and expertise.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to find the best React Native or Swift development service provider?

You can contact any of the leading app development companies like X-Strategy Services and hire Swift developers or hire React native app developers to build an iOS mobile app according to your needs.

2. How much can the development of an iOS mobile application cost?

Estimating iOS mobile app development costs does not depend on a single factor. The iOS mobile app development cost estimate depends on various factors such as: B. Project requirements, mobile app type, development complexity, mobile app features and functionality, etc.

3. How long does it take to develop an iOS mobile app?

Besides estimating the cost, determining the iOS mobile app development time depends on various factors such as: B. Project requirements, development complexity, type of mobile app, project features and functionality, project team, required development and much more.