NodeJS VS Python: Which is better for backend development?

by | Oct 10, 2022 | Web Development

NodeJS and Python have become famous in recent years. Looking at Node versus Python, StackOverflow claims that Python is one of the most commonly used programming dialects, while Node.js is the best for server development. In this blog, we’ll look at the correlation between Node.js and Python, examine industrial applications, and highlight key technical features. Let’s start with Node.js.

What is NodeJS Development?

NodeJS development is a runtime environment that relies on JavaScript. Different Node.JS developers can develop a backend and a frontend with a single merged stack. This distinctive component allows the team of web developers to leverage a similar skill set to hire new developers quickly and avoids the hassle of repeating the hiring process over and over again.

NodeJS is perfect for real-time web projects that provide various features and functionality such as navigation, chat support, and real-time interaction. Several famous organizations such as Walmart, Microsoft, IBM, PayPal, GoDaddy, Netflix, LinkedIn and many more use the development of Node.JS.

Advantages and disadvantages of using NodeJS development

Advantages of NodeJS development

Offering better web development services was the central idea for the development of Node.JS. So it reflects well its primary difficulties. You can hire NodeJS developers who can solve various problems such as fast execution, common library tools updates, customizable structure, and competent code sharing. Moreover, it also offers various benefits.

Effective technology stack

Node.js is built on JavaScript, so you can access the JavaScript technology stack, its resources, and the community. Working with Node.js gives you the ability to empower businesses with MEAN Stack, a combination of MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, and Node.js to meet all web development requirements. All of them provide the best services for different functions.

  • MongoDB is responsible for data management.
  • Express.js is responsible for the development of the backend.
  • Angular is responsible for front-end development and also for executing the JS code to create a dynamic user interface.
  • Node.js is responsible for JavaScript backend development services.

Fast event-based model

According to Toptal’s research on the speed and efficiency of server tools, Node.js is two to three times faster than Java, PHP and Go. Node.js development uses event-based programming to run an algorithm of activities that pays little attention to user interactions. The moment a user clicks a button, the program quickly presents a different page, communicates something specific, or displays new content.

Customizable for microservices development

A bundled header with free modules allows web developers to edit multiple modules at once, which is ideal for designing microservices. Several well-known applications such as Netflix and PayPal have used Node.js to move from monolith to microservices. These advances have helped web development companies break down utility into more modest parts, further develop test and maintenance quality, and have enabled the team of web developers to update various features along the way thanks to Node’s non-blocking nature.

Rich development ecosystem

The Node.js package manager is also an assortment of open source JS plugins. NPM has more than 840,000 libraries that help Node.JS developers develop Nodejs. Almost 97% of web applications are built with NPM modules.

Disadvantages of NodeJS Development

Along with the benefits of JavaScript, Node.js has acquired some fundamental hurdles. In general, the problem with Node.js development is that the specific utility is not tailored to the needs of the backend while replicating the functionality of a frontend language.

Web development issues

The development of Node.js depends on the structure of the JavaScript language that companies with low CPU utilization go through. If you’re using Node.js development for the backend runtime, CPU-bound CPU seems to be much smoother. The structure of Node.js sometimes conflicts with heavily loaded computer processor processes, which limits web developers and slows down web development performance.

Immature tools

Its usefulness has been proven and proven by the huge development community, so there are hardly any presentation issues. Lesser known NPM modules are poorly developed, contain bugs and require documentation. Node.js is open source, so updates don’t go through rigorous quality control, preferring a certain amount of over-quality methodology.

Callback Hell

Node.js uses callbacks to track and complete responsibilities. As the project grows and the amount of dynamic loops develops, the callbacks increase. Finally, web developers risk getting caught up in callbacks and missing important bugs or technical commitments.

NodeJS Development Challenges

In general, we can solve three basic difficulties that web developers may encounter when working with Node.js:

Large technology stack: The large number of inefficient devices tested leads to inconsistent execution and lower quality.

Accumulation of Technical Commitments: Recall damnation and poor quality NPM modules lead to code errors, clarity issues, and technical commitments.

Customization Issues: As the web development company advances web development projects, it becomes more and more diligent for Node JS to detect a broken module or read the damnation of callbacks. The test and support team should put a lot of energy into cleaning up code over time and plan strong technical engagements for executive meetings.

What is Python Development?

Python development is a widely used programming language for artificial intelligence development, big data, logic register, automation, and backend development. Python is the choice for complex web projects that use a lot of information, rely on tedious calculations, and use artificial intelligence and automation.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Python Development

Both Node.js and Python are used for web application development, but Python brings many other applications to the table. Let’s review the pros and cons of Python.

Advantages of Python development

However, Python development is not an explicit language for web development, there are some advantages that are worth paying attention to.


The Python syntax structure is exceptionally conversational, so the code records are deeply recognizable. To familiarize yourself with basic development projects, you need 10 to 30 minutes.

AI/ML development opportunities

Python has many implicit simulated intelligence libraries such as Pylearn2, Tensorflow for neural networks, and scikit-learn for data analysis.

Many spots to accommodate libraries

Many support providers provide native help for Python code and allow APIs and integration of additional modules. Businesses can use AWS, Digital Options, A2 Hosting, TMDHosting, Heroku, and other popular web development platforms.

Disadvantages of Python development

Despite all the popularity, Python web development isn’t perfect; it also has some loopholes that affect the entire web development.

Problems with the speed of development

The other much better known technologies for backend development offer better web development speed than Python development when it comes to managing server-side tasks. The language has numerous levels of reflection that require an investment to communicate to facilitate reading.

Fight for mobile development

Python development is certainly not a native Android or iOS language, nor is it the most ideal decision for hybrid development. Python developers can customize app development language using frameworks and platforms, but app performance will be slow.

Challenges in Python Development

Let’s summarize the fundamental issues of using Python development:

Module name clash: Python modules are characterized by their location and the location of their core content. Whenever you enter a form, there is an opportunity to confuse a name or position and the information will not be passed on.

Poor handling of memory escalated processes. Python development monitors data with automation information collectors and fast memory management. However, when the framework is huge, these heavy central processor cycles generally draw attention.


I now have an idea of ​​node-js development and python development. You can find out if you should hire Node.Js developers or hire Python developers depending on your project needs. If you are still not sure about the right technology stack, you can contact the web development companies and discuss your project needs with the team of web developers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can web development take?

Just like the cost estimate, the definition of the web development solution time frame also depends on various factors such as the team of web developers and many others.

How can I hire the best Node JS or Python web developers for my project?

You can contact one of the leading web development companies like X-Strategy Services and hire dedicated Node.JS or Python web developers who can use their development knowledge, years of experience and advanced skills to develop digital solutions after completed your project needs.

How much can Python web development cost?

Estimating Python web development costs does not depend on a single factor. The cost estimate takes into account various factors such as the needs of your web development project, the type of web development solution, the complexity of the web development, the features and functionality to be included in the digital solution, and more.