Our digital portfolio of success stories across strategy, design and engineering.

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Behavioural Self-Guided Therapy App.

Moodcare is your self-care companion that combines CBT methods with dialogues based on positive psychology to assist you in treating depression and anxiety through self-therapy.

Parent: Child Care App

Childcare solution that simplifies managing childcare centers and allows you to manage your daycare and early childhood education so that educators can focus more on child development and engagement.

Air Peace

The Peace Advantage loyalty programme is our way of giving customers a well-deserved appreciation for their decision to fly with us always!

Grocery and Fresh Vegetables Online.

For the best fruits, vegetables, fruit juices, salads, ice cream, juice-pops, and other foods, Barakat is your go-to online supermarket. Barakat is an easy-to-use online grocery store that offers you the widest selection of fresh products from the best suppliers worldwide. We guarantee freshness & quality remain preserved till your doorstep with same-day or next-day delivery using hygienic, food-grade refrigerated vehicles.

Kuwait based Taxi aggregrator.

The Investment Group Company for Transportation, the company that owns the Talyaa application and all of the drivers operating under its banner, is the only company in Kuwait with a government-issued licence to operate a taxi service, and it owns all of the vehicles.

Qatar based Food and Grocery Delivery App.

The App has tools for real-time order tracking. The Wishbox app offers its users a professional delivery experience. You can take advantage of the advantages of this online grocery delivery app in Qatar, which combines a variety of technologies to provide a strong, intuitive user interface that enhances your app usage.

The largest plus-size community & BBW dating app.

BBWink is the highly recommended app as it provides all users with prominent and secure dating service that caters to curvy dating. This app is designed specifically for people looking for BBW dating and hookup.