Is Python suitable for mobile app development?

by | Nov 17, 2022 | Mobile App Development

Python has been with us for quite some time. Even if we choose to deny it, we cannot ignore the fact that Python is the most used programming language by web developers. You might know how fussy Python is for web development.

When we talk about stats, around 48% of global web developers choose Python over Python, C#, C, and various others. You might know how fussy Python is for web development. But is it possible to use Python for mobile app development? Let’s talk about it in this blog.

Is it possible to develop mobile apps with Python?

If we answer this question directly, then yes. It is possible to use Python for the development of mobile applications. Python GUI frameworks allow companies developing mobile applications to use it. To be honest, Python is versatile.

We can use Python for almost all types of web, application and software development, from web browser development to games. Moreover, Python also supports cross-platform application development. It helps minimize the development effort of developers by allowing them to build Android and iOS apps using a single code base.

What kind of mobile apps can we develop with Python?

1) Audio Video Apps

If you want to create mobile audio video applications, Python development is one of the best choices. Top app development companies use various Python development libraries like OpenCV, PyDub and mobile audio and video app development to provide the best user experience to the target audience.

2) Game app development

Do you have an idea to develop an action game? Ask your mobile app developer if they can use Python for your game development. Web developers can develop quick game prototypes and even test them through pygame and python. When it comes to mobile game design, you can use Python to design the game, dialog trees, etc. Python development is useful for the entire game development process, from design to support and maintenance.

Various game solutions include Battlefield 2, EVE Online (EVE Echoes), World of Tanks and others. All features and add-ons are designed and developed using Python.

3) Development of blockchain applications

It is one of the most used innovation trends and it really dominates the market. Blockchain development is a big challenge for developers, but Python makes it easy.

Python is a simple language and makes building blockchain applications consistent. Hire app developers who can use HTTP requests to interact with the blockchain on the web. Additionally, mobile app developers can leverage Python frameworks, such as Flagon, to build endpoints for various blockchain functions and features. Mobile app developers can also run scripts on machines and maintain distributed networks using Python.

4) Mobile app development via command line

Whether you call it a mobile console app or a command line application, you are referring to the same type of mobile application. It is a PC program used from a command line or shell and does not have a graphical user interface.

Python is great for such command line applications because it provides the REPL (Real-Eval-Print-Loop) function. Since Python is an incredibly famous language, different mobile app development companies use different free Python libraries to build command line apps.

5) Development of mobile applications for machine learning

Another innovative technology trend over the past decade has been the development of machine learning, an algorithmic innovation that powers work environments with data and enables them to make intelligent decisions.

Developing machine learning mobile apps used to be a tedious task but has become more open thanks to Python. Python provides free machine learning libraries such as pandas and scikit. It is generally used under the GNU license.

6) Enterprise mobile app development

Python has a solid readiness and ability to support different types of applications. This is why Python is very popular in enterprise and e-commerce mobile app development and ERP solution development.

For example, Odoo, written in Python, offers many business applications and provides mobile business management applications.

Tryon is another enterprise mobile application developed by Python which is a universally usable high-level application with a three-tier structure.

Is Python suitable for different operating systems?

Android app development using Python

Java is one of the popular languages ​​for developing Android apps. So, if you need to build an Android application in Python, you need a way to run Python code in a Java virtual machine.

VOC is a transpiler that embeds Python source code into CPython bytecode and transpiles that bytecode into Java-compatible bytecode. It involves accumulating Python source code into CPython bytecode and converting it to Java-compatible bytecode.

There are also a few other Android development tools that run Python in Java or vice versa. Some examples of such devices are Jython, JPype, Jepp and PY4J, the sky is the limit from there. Each of these development tools has its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on the nature and scope of your project.

Developing iPhone apps with Python

iOS app development is a bit more complex than Android. iPhone developers can use the Kivy package documentation to get the latest data on iOS development with Python.

Interaction typically involves setting up a Python environment, coding your app with Python/Kivy, and using Xcode for deployment.

Remember that iPhone app developers will definitely need a macOS computer to submit apps to the Mac Application Store. Whether you can develop apps in Python or not, you actually need an iMac or MacBook to deploy the apps.

Example of mobile app development with Python

  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Disqus
  • Spotify


This blog undoubtedly proves that Python can also be one of the preferred options for mobile app development. So, if you have mobile app development needs, you can contact Python development company and discuss your needs. You can also contact the X-Strategy Services team. We offer you the best possible development solutions.