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How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Mobile Game?

For people all over the world, playing games has always been among the most popular forms of entertainment. Whatever age group they fall under, there have always been a ton of games that they can enjoy.

The gaming sector generates millions of dollars annually and will surpass $100 billion in sales by 2023. The largest industry contributor is the United States. There are many different types of games that can be created by different game development companies depending on the needs of the client. Investigate the newest approaches to creating mobile games.

What Kinds of Mobile Games Are Being Developed?

1) Action games

Action games are one of the most played genres on mobile devices. Games of all kinds, including platformers, shooters, fighting games, Battle Royale, shooting games, and many more, fall into this category.

2) Video games that aren’t very serious

Casual games are the most popular game genre for Android users, accounting for 58 percent of all mobile device usage. Numerous mobile games fall into this category, including Candy Crush, Bingo, and many others.

3) Puzzle games

This category includes mobile games that demand a lot more focus from the players in order to develop a plan of attack and complete the objectives. This category includes games like Scrabble, Parcheesi, Dominoes, and chess.

Each category has a unique game development cost. However, other factors besides just the gaming genre also have an impact on game development costs. Other elements also play a role in game development costs.

What elements have an impact on the price of developing mobile games?

1) The choice of a mobile platform.

The most popular options are Android and iOS, as we are all aware. One of the key determinants of app development cost, reach, and revenue is making the right platform choice.

Compared to iOS app development, developing an Android app can be a little more expensive. Although there are more Android users than iPhone users in the gaming sector in terms of market share. Although the cost of developing an iPhone app may be slightly lower overall than that of developing an Android app, the cost of developing an Apple device’s payment system and administrator is slightly higher.

In addition, developing native apps for games can be more affordable than developing cross-platform games, but it will also reduce the likelihood of generating income. Although the price of cross-platform app development may be slightly higher, it will offer a large user base using a variety of platforms.

2) Developing a game is complicated.

The cost of developing mobile games is significantly influenced by the complexity of game development. Some games might not require numerous high-profile gaming features and graphics, so creating such games might not cost much, but many other games require rich graphics, voice integration, and other features that could raise the cost of game development.

3) Engine for mobile games.

The game engine is the most crucial component in developing mobile games. The mobile game’s game engine is essential to its overall functionality. It ensures that the games function properly and aids in choosing the features and functionalities of the mobile game. Different game development engines available on the market may have an impact on the price of developing mobile games.

4) Development Period for Mobile Games.

Because of its widespread use, the development of mobile games may not seem to take much time, but it does. Research, game design, game development, features and functionality development, testing, updates, and many other factors are all part of the overall game development process. The cost of developing a game can increase with the length of the process.

5) Trying out mobile games.

A fully functional mobile game with no bugs requires specific investment in mobile game testing, so which would you rather play—minimal games with lots of bugs or full-featured games with few? To ensure a smooth operation, the numerous reputable game development companies offer game testing functionality. They can assist you in finding and fixing the ideal mobile game so that it can be released with outstanding gaming functionality.

6) Extra Charge.

The price of marketing and advertising is not included in the cost of developing a mobile game. But it is equally significant to development costs as everything else. Your mobile application will be useless if you can’t grab the attention of the intended user base. There are still other costs that you should be aware of and/or save for emergencies.

How much does creating video games cost?

Nobody can accurately estimate the cost of developing a mobile game without understanding the requirements for that game, as we’ve already mentioned. However, we can offer an approximate price for various game types. The price range for developing a mini-game is between $10,000 and $20,000. A 3D game can cost anywhere from $30k to $60k, whereas a 2D game can cost anywhere from $15k to $25k.


Depending on what the user wants, every game’s development costs vary. Additionally, the requirements for game development can be as simple as creating a snake and ladder game or a Metaverse-based gaming solution. To find out the approximate cost of game development, you should contact game development companies with your needs.

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