How do you develop an Android app for your business in 2023?

by | Oct 20, 2022 | Mobile App Development

Working on our business idea seems more exciting and exhausting at the same time, right? Well, I can proudly say: “I’ve been there, I’ve done it !!!” When I started working on my business idea, I preferred to do it all by myself. Whether you call it the excitement of working on my business idea or something else, but it was worth a try. As one of the app development companies, I even learned mobile app development … Learning mobile app development was a great idea.

Since no business idea works without a digital presence, having an Android mobile app is a must. As a true entrepreneur, you can consider developing your own Android mobile app. You can do it. But the problem is that Android app development generally involves coding.

Also, coding is difficult! Luckily, there are a lot of choices accessible for individuals who need to know how to make Android applications without learning Java or Kotlin. So, in the event that you figure you could have a mind-blowing business idea yet don’t have any idea how to transform that thought into a reality, this blog is surely for you.

How to develop an Android application?

There are several options you can browse for Android app development that can help you in the development process.

1) App builders
2) Game creator
3) Website development
4) Telephone interval
5) Outsourcing (let others do the hard work!)

Each of these options has its own list of pros and cons. In addition, the potential is of course constantly limited in some way, thwarted and develop an application yourself without any preparation! So, you should find that one of these choices offers the solutions that can help you the most.

1) App Builder

Most app makers imply that you can drag and drop the items and place them on the interface without much effort. At this point, you then have the option to develop an APK (the Android app installer file) and decide overall to build an iOS app as well.

App makers not only speed up the development process and eliminate the need for complex code, but also provide a cross-platform solution to build apps for different operating systems.

The only problem with app builders is that they offer few customization options. This is because most of these apps use HTML5 to display UI elements for some local functions that are handled by background code.

So while many app builders will keep things like text messaging services or at least push notifications, you won’t have the ability to perform custom animations or integrate features in special ways.

In short, if you simply need an interface to view data and perhaps manage orders and queries, an app builder can work just fine. But if you have a new “thought” for an application that uniquely consolidates the native functionality of the mobile app, continue.

Also remember that, for the most part, these app builders charge fees or licenses to use the app builders. Don’t forget to read the entire blog before making your decision.

2) Game creator

A game maker is an Android development tool that – who would have imagined – is essential for game development. These fluctuate wildly in their complexity and what they are willing to do. On the less complex of the range, the game builders below target children to try to develop an interest in programming. To show a young person how to create applications without programming, one of the most prominent game builders is the obvious Game Salad.

At the slightly more complicated end are devices like Gamemaker: Studio. This is a basic game builder with meaningless code that gradually offers enough customization to create total gaming experiences. Games such as Hyper Light Drifter were developed using this game builder, but that would have required a significant amount of code!

To get even more complicated, Unity is another game development engine that more experienced game developers use for various types of Android game development. While Unity development requires some coding, it is very negligible. Furthermore, Unity’s adaptability means that it can be used very well to develop utilities and other non-game solutions.

3) Website development

If you know how to build a website, but not how to build an Android app, you can use these skills to produce pleasing results. In fact, many Android app builders are “wrappers” that use website code to build apps! You can do exactly the same thing on your own if you’re only willing to write a few lines of code. First, build your website from scratch or using a tool like Square Space or WordPress.

If you know how to build a website, but have no idea about Android app development, you can use these features to get satisfying results. To be sure, countless Android app developers are “covered” by using the website’s code to develop Android mobile applications! You can do exactly the same thing if you just want to write a few lines of code. For starters, develop your website without any preparation or using web development tools like WordPress.

Then download Android Studio. This gives you both; the appropriate app development environment you want to start coding in and the Android SDK that converts your code into a working Android application. Everything is in one package and everything you really want will be installed without delay.

Currently, you just need to create a Fullscreen “WebView” that displays the website. A WebView is actually a widget that can be used to display HTML or a website. It’s very simple and should be pretty much code-free.

With some serious trial and error, you can natively integrate HTML and graphics resources into the package without an internet connection.

4) Phone gap

Finally, it is worth focusing on PhoneGap. It’s not an app builder as such, but a sort of “bridge” between the Android SDK and HTML/CSS/JavaScript. Provided you know how to create important websites, you can use PhoneGap to suddenly boost Android demand and additionally access native app functions.

PhoneGap is powered by Apache Cordova. This same tool really drives many app builders. Assuming you dig deeper, you know how to build Android applications without relying on third-party solutions.

5) Outsource the app development team

It seems like app development is a bit of work even without the knowledge of the code, right? If you want to save yourself the hassle of learning and testing your Android development skills, you can hire the expert one. You can hire Android app developers with Android development skills.

They can help you develop everything. Hiring Android app developers means you can build anything you can do by creating the application yourself. How well this will display for you will largely depend on the skills of the app developers you end up working with.

My recommendation is to look to well-known Android app development companies. An Android app development company has a team of app developers with different skills and years of experience best suited to your project needs.

Ultimately, however, when using an app developer, you need to loosen up your controls a bit. After all, it’s their job – so they usually know what they’re talking about!


Now you know how to create Android apps without code. All you have to do is choose the one that suits you best. There are compromises, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create something amazing.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take to develop apps?

Just like cost estimation, the determination of the time frame of the app development solution depends on several factors such as the project requirements, the time frame for the development of the app, the complexity of the development of the app. , the type of solution, the features and functionality including the Android application, the required team of app developers and much more.

2. How much can Android app development cost?

The estimate of the application development cost does not depend on a single factor. The cost estimate takes into consideration various factors such as the needs of your application development project, the type of application development solution, the complexity of the application development, the features and functionalities to be included in the Android app, and many more.

3. How do I find the best Android app developers for my project requirements?

You can contact a leading app development company such as X-Strategy Services and hire dedicated Android app developers who can use their development knowledge, years of experience and advanced skills to develop digital solutions based on your project requirements.