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February 7, 20236 mins Read

How Do I Make A SoundCloud-Like Music Streaming App?

Want to know something interesting? Soundcloud, the organization we are citing in this article, had a 2017 valuation of over $500 million. We believe Soundcloud is the best example we can use to develop music streaming applications in the modern era, especially in light of the fact that it is still operational today.

Just consider it: for any app development company, music as a medium offers one of the best, if not the best, revenue models. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a stake in music since it is what touches people’s souls?

This may indicate limitless growth for both you and your business.

I would like your attention on the following points before we move on. These are some of the statistics that we have gathered especially for you, dear readers.

  • In 2017, a $500 million valuation of Soundcloud was made.
  • Over the course of five years, Soundcloud experienced direct growth.
  • Between 2012 and 2017, Soundcloud ruled the market.
  • In the year 2020, Sound Cloud generated more than 218 million dollars.
  • As of 2021, there are over 76 million users.

Not everything, however, is as fantastic as it might seem. SoundCloud’s user base has decreased since 2017, and it is no longer the undisputed leader in the audio sector.

Why is that, and how can your app perform better?

Among the queries we hope to address in our article today are those mentioned above.

  • Soundcloud: And now for the introduction.
  • How Can I Make a Music Streaming App Like SoundCloud?
  • Conclusion.

Therefore, let’s not keep the information from you until after we know what is waiting for us.

Soundcloud: Then there’s the introduction.

If there was one website that deservedly held the title of “Next-gen system for musical artists” in 2010, it was Soundcloud.

Contrary to almost all other music streaming services, Soundcloud was unique from the start.

Take Spotify as an illustration.

The market and niche that Spotify serves are the same as those of Soundcloud. A sizable market of music lovers is served by it. The interaction they have with their users is where these two platforms diverge from one another.

Spotify permits streaming of labels’ catalogs.

On the other hand, Soundcloud operates in a manner similar to that of YouTube. A person’s music can be uploaded by anyone.

As a result, Soundcloud has a very distinctive approach to the music business, with many artists choosing to launch their albums solely on that platform.

Yes, that means there is no other place where you can purchase that music.

This draws a sizable number of musicians and artists from all over the world. Additionally, it is claimed that original music is no longer produced. Soundcloud has some advice for you.

Soundcloud is also cost-free. The platform allows anyone to sign up as a creator and upload their music. They should have the legal right to distribute the music, but that is the only caveat. However, if you are the creator, you are legally free to do whatever the hell you want with it.

But it happens very infrequently that the same characteristic that made SoundCloud so successful also caused it to fail.

SoundCloud attracted so many users that it spawned its own subgenre of music, such as SoundCloud rap.

However, a large number of musicians and rappers entered into unprofitable contracts with labels. The SoundCloud app’s reputation suffered from a lack of practical industry knowledge.

Less than 50% of Soundcloud accounts have been deleted as a result of inactivity as of right now.

Less than 75 million of the 150 million who once considered themselves to be active members still do so today.

Any platform, but especially one as large as SoundCloud itself, would suffer greatly from this.

But enough of these sad tales. Let’s concentrate on how to build a platform like SoundCloud while avoiding its pitfalls. This brings us to the second main subject of this article, which is:.

How Can I Make an App That Streams Music Like SoundCloud?

It is a herculean task to develop an app like Soundcloud. It’s challenging to create an app in and of itself, so it’s safe to assume that we’ll have our hands full with this one when someone is focused on building an app like SoundCloud itself.

Here are the areas we need to improve on, just to be safe:

1) Make SoundCloud compatible with the features of your app.

Although we already know that a more accurate term would be “align your vision with SoundCloud’s.”.

Always, the platform’s features are what set it apart from the competition.

  • What kind of feature are you hoping to cover?
  • Will it be registered?
  • Will you modify or maintain a similar business model?

Let’s take the scenario where the business model for the app we are developing is the same as SoundCloud. With a few limitations on the number of uploads, the majority of the content and content creation on my app are therefore free.

Joining the premium membership program is required if one wants unlimited uploads.

The reference can be used in our app in a variety of ways, and this is just one example.

2) Reverse engineering.

This word shouldn’t intimidate you. This entails dissecting the aspects of your reference that you find appealing and incorporating those aspects into your product. which will be used as a reference in this instance and is SoundCloud.

Break down what makes SoundCloud so unique using whatever it is that you love about it.

Apply it to your app once you understand the gist.

3) Select a license.

We will make it simpler for you because this is the area of legal jargon. Soundcloud, which we are using as a model, employs the Creative Commons type of licensing. You can select the licensing scheme that will work the best for your business model here.

Why not delve deeply into this one given that we don’t need to copy everything SoundCloud does?

A sound recording license agreement and a music composition license agreement, for instance, are used by Spotify, another music streaming platform.

4) Track down qualified app developers.

  • Hiring experienced app developers will have a lot of advantages. generally speaking,
  • Effortless operation.
  • A better MVP (minimum viable product).
  • The improved final result.
  • Greater precision when using vision.
  • Intensified technical support.

The entire game for your company is changed by app developers. Apps require professional app developers, just as books require professional editors. As a general rule, you should always hire experienced app developers.


When we consider it, SoundCloud’s narrative resembles that of a proverb. It rises and falls. How can we improve? one wonders in response. Now that you know, I appreciate you reading this. The next time around, we’ll see you.

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