Extensive Guide About 10KTF NFT Platform

by | Nov 2, 2022 | Blockchain

Have you ever invested your efforts and money in an unnamed organization that relied on their popularity? Most of you will say no because this is a foolish step to take. Well, Gucci and Puma yes. Gucci and Puma have announced their partnership with an unknown NFT organization.

This unnamed NFT organization is 10KTF. The reason for mentioning it as an anonymous organization as the identity of the founder of this NFT platform remains a mystery. The only reference to the owner and founder of the 10KTF NFT platform is a fictional character Wagmi-san. Since Gucci and Puma are not just dumb brands investing millions of dollars and collaborating with a nameless brand, 10KTF has been discussed around the world.

We know that you are not as familiar with the existence of the 10KTF as half the world is, we will start with the introduction as we guide you through the entire journey of the 10KTF. It is time for you to be chained to this blog as we will now release all knowledge about 10KTF along with the reasons; why you need to know.

What is 10KTF?

As mentioned above, 10KTF is an NFT. Defining it isn’t enough, so here’s the explanation of what 10KTF is and how it works. Simply put, 10KTF provides outstanding metaverse portable devices for users of specific NFT projects.

The official 10KTF website states that the NFT uses a specially crafted ERC 721 smart contract that allows users to create derivative NFTs from their existing NFTs.

The smart contract ensures that the existing owner of the NFT can manufacture the subordinate NFT and that only one NFT is minted for each connected parent NFT. Everything 10KTF is great (1 of 1) and strikes a balance with the NFT parent project.

Who is behind 10KTF?

The person behind 10KTF is Wagmi San – a digital craftsman living in New Tokyo. Although Wagmi San knows the whole timeline of his existence and how he tries to protect his shop from a frog mafia called Cryptoadz and their big boss called Boss Toad.

Wagmi San owns a shop that makes accessories for Monkeys, Cats, Wizards, and Toadz according to her whim that day. To date, the collection contains over 22,200 NFTs. If you’re expecting a really big name behind the founding of 10KTF, well, that’s still unknown. Despite all this popularity, the identity of the current founder of 10KTF is still hidden. There is a lot of guesswork.

  • We New
  • acoustic signal
  • Gucci collaboration team
  • Ape coin

All of these people are believed to be the real founder based on their tweets and coordination with Wagmi San. So, all we can say for now is that we have to wait to publish another blog with more details after receiving the news about the founder of the 10KTF NFT platform.

How to browse 10KTF?

10KTF allows users to explore the battle city which only NFT owners can access.

Customers can participate in the battles that take place in the world of New Tokyo by choosing different missions. Players need to be equipped with things to have the ability to win and fight.

Level 1 consists of portable devices based on Metaverse that users should have. The wearable includes various items such as clothes, vests, helmets and more.

The upcoming Battle Town Level 2 introduces new things that are more advanced than level one. This includes combat gear like flamethrowers, firearms, and rifles. To protect level 2 things, customers need to punch a box.

What are the missions in Battle Town?

Once you’ve linked your Metamask wallet, you can view and participate in accessible missions by providing your load of avatars stacked with 10KTF items to help Wagmi-Sam.

During the mission registration time, you need to confirm your gear. Each mission has an unmistakable enlistment period. Players will be notified before each registration meeting and during the mission via a redesigned launch meter on Battle Town.

After the effects of the mission

When a mission starts, no other players can join, at least you can follow the process of the mission. Players can earn Stockroom materials, physical items, Story point identifiers, and various products as rewards after the mission. After each mission, users can claim these things on Battle town. If 10KTF decides to issue compensating missions in Apecoin, players can actually collect their rewards after the mission on 10kfrens.org.

What benefits can businesses get from the 10KTF NFT platform?

Businesses need to keep up with trends to stay competitive. Without effort to publicize your business and do your best to attract more customers, there is no chance of survival. We have progressed into the digital world of Metaverse and NFT, now is the perfect time to step up your game.

As we know, in September 2021 Wagmi Sam was born, a fictional character who now attracts the attention of Beeple, Gucci and Puma. With a little guesswork, we can predict the NFT potential. You can take advantage of it to present your business with progress.


Even if it doesn’t seem like an easy project. Developing an NFT market is difficult to tackle. It requires a thorough knowledge of all the latest and most advanced technologies, such as Metaverse, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and many more.

These require expert support. Since NFT development itself is a complex concept dealing with cryptocurrencies and blockchains, companies should consider hiring NFT developers who can thoroughly understand the project requirements and present an amazing solution like the 10KTF NFT platform.