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February 5, 20235 mins Read

Day by day, the popularity of NFT games increases exponentially. NFT games are not just games, NFT games are the type of games called “Play NFT games to earn”. We have loads of games that make you money as you play. But first, let’s go over some important things you need to know in order to make money playing these games.

Why Is Blockchain Used In NFT Games?

Blockchain is mandatory to prove ownership history. When we use blockchain in NFT game development, your assets are secure with it and not destroyed. Due to decentralization, the game is available to all customers.

There are many NFT games, but few can make you money. So why not opt ​​for fun and money rather than just for fun? So are you ready?

List of best NFT games to make money in 2022

1) The sandbox

The SandBox is an ultimate virtual world. Some of you may already know this. You can own land and build your game on it. You can take over the Metaverse simply by being a collector, game decision maker, artist, or even just a casual gamer. Sand Game has its cryptocurrency called SAND.

If you’re ready to buy land or property in the metaverse, this game makes buying it easy.

2) Silk

Silks give you the privilege of running with other horses, but in the metaverse. Silks offers every user a horse that is truly an NFT. Isn’t that a very cool gesture? If your real horse wins the race, you will receive the cryptocurrencies in Silks. Silk has named its cryptocurrencies STT. Your earned STT can be used in breeding and staking.

3) Alien Worlds

From the name, you can partially predict what your game is about. A P2E game for players who want to explore a whole new metaverse. I like the collaborative and cooperative feature of this game.

Co-gaming allows you to team up with other players and discover new NFTs. and in competitive games you play the actual game to compete with them. Through the competition you can win and gain access to their territory and cryptocurrencies.

4) Battle of Guardiani

Battle of Guardians is one of the best real-time multiplayers NFT games. It is a PvP type of game. It depends on the development of the Unreal Engine game. Battle of Guardians is building a game that has long-term potential and will eventually become a safe economy in the near future.

BOG is basically developed for PC, but you can also play it on iOS and Android via cross-platform. It has the best graphics, top notch unique NFTs and opportunities to win real and extra winnings.

The net worth of the total global gaming market is $300 billion, and the NFT gaming market is made up of 10% or less. Who will come at some point.

5) Cyber idle

Idle Cyber ​​is a perfectly good game built on BSC. You will win a lot of money betting and trading Idle Cyber. This game is good for investors, and they can also earn a lot of money by investing in this game.

You can buy its tokens to invest in NFT games.

6) Axie Infinite

Undoubtedly, Axie infinity is one of the best cryptocurrency projects in the Metaverse. Period of time. Axie Infinity is best for Pokémon Go lovers. It is amazingly designed to get great experience. The user experience and token economy have been carefully developed in this game. The Axie Infinity Crypto Market has a very popular effect on NFT Gaming.

According to Axie News in June 2021, it had a market cap of $42 million. Sales this year are also expected to reach $1 billion, which is currently the most expensive NFT collection. Axie Infinity is available on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

You will save, invest and spend your money through the virtual world. Their vision is to create a virtual economy.

7) Gods Unchained – Ultimate Gaming Platform

Gods Unchained is one of the best collectible card games. This is a free to play and play to win game. According to the announcement on their official website, their market capitalization has grown to $1.3 billion, and that too in just one month.

Gods Unchained is one of the leading trading card game providers in the NFT market. And that will be the future of NFT Games. The Gods Unchained market offers you a gas-free transaction.

8) Illuvium

Illuvium is one of the best upcoming NFT games. It is based on a platform that offers a game structure to win and you can also earn in-game rewards. With Immutable X, you can enjoy the whole new era of non-fungible tokens. It is a perfect traditional RPG game but set in the metaverse and that too using non-fungible tokens. And news from the source that Illuvium is expected to launch in 2022.

9) Crypto cats

As the name suggests, the task is to collect and breed cats in the game with non-fungible tokens. Crypto Kittens was the first game built on the Ethereum network. These cryptokits can be shared and sold on major NFT marketplaces such as

You can buy a crypto cat on any NFT market. You can also breed two cats together to get a crypto cat. You can also solve puzzles with other friends in the game.


These games were great for investing and making money in the NFT market through gaming. Games are an integral part of people today. We’ve all played a game at one time or another. You can choose any “NFT games to earn” from this list and you will never be disappointed.

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