4 Top Live Streaming Mobile Apps In 2023

by | Nov 10, 2022 | Mobile App Development

Linking and communicating with the target user group was one of the most important factors for user engagement. There is no rocket science to understand that the more you connect with your audience, the more trust you gain. Today we trust ordinary people more than celebrities.

We can say that the global pandemic has brought some changes for the better. You may have noticed that live streaming wasn’t there from the start. There was no need to show the face behind the product or company forever. We like to connect with brands that communicate directly with us. This is one of the reasons why we have started browsing live streaming content more than ever.

Grand View research shows that the video streaming market is expected to reach $ 330.51 billion by 2030. In addition, according to Livestream reports, 42% of the US population has streamed a live video online at least once. time. There are several live streaming apps that people use to connect and communicate with their friends, followers, fans, and everyone across their entire audience. If you are one of those who are thinking about improving your way of communicating, then this blog is for you. Or, if you are thinking of developing a mobile application for live streaming, here is the list of your main competitors. PS We have also listed the weaknesses of the best mobile live streaming apps.

Best Live Streaming Mobile Apps 2023

1) Contraction

Whether you are a gamer or just love gaming sessions. Twitch’s mobile live streaming app is for you. Most gamers around the world use Twitch for their live gaming sessions. According to the Statista report, a total of 5.65 billion hours were viewed on Twitch in the second quarter of 2022. In the second quarter of 2022, there were a total of 9.6 million unique streaming channels on Twitch.

One of the best things about Twitch besides the live streaming feature is that it allows users to watch streams and even chat games, making them more interactive than ever. Since Twitch has more users than any other live streaming app, there is more content to browse. Since nothing is perfect, Twitch isn’t perfect either. It also buffers a lot with the 5G connection. Thus, people who are a little less patient may lose interest after a while. Also, users have to log in with OTP every time, which can be irritating at times.

2) Youtube live

The other well-known live streaming platform is Youtube live. YouTube Live has the most streams, with the exception of Twitch. YouTube is widely known for streaming video and is one of the default live streaming apps that every device around the world will have. Although YouTube offers free live streaming, there are some shortcomings that keep most users away from live streaming.

Only YouTube channels with more than 10,000 subscribers can perform live streams. Also, YouTube streams are for communication only, there are no monetization methods available for YouTube live streams. So, if you’re a small business owner or influencer with a much smaller audience, YouTube isn’t the right platform for you. As you go through the thought process for developing live streaming apps, make sure you create the right guidelines that allow more users to use your platforms rather than restrict them.

3) Facebook live

Of course, this social media platform needs no introduction. Facebook is probably one of the platforms we used as our first social media platform. We use Facebook before we even knew it was a social media platform. With nearly 2.45 billion active users, Facebook updates and updates itself with every new trend. From setting standards for a social media platform to adopting the live streaming trend; Facebook hardly misses an ongoing trend. If you are a small brand and have a large audience with almost no age restrictions, Facebook may be the perfect choice.

If you are considering choosing Facebook as your live streaming platform, be aware that Facebook offers almost no data security. So you always run the risk of data theft. Furthermore, Facebook takes up a lot of space on the device.

4) Instagram live

Born as a mobile app for sharing photos, Instagram is now a collection of almost any mobile application. Inspired by Tiktok to offer a reel section to provide “share a thought with your friends” functionality; The best Instagram app developers may have taken inspiration from Facebook or Twitter. Whatever happens, Instagram isn’t lagging behind when it comes to offering live features as well.

Live Instagram allows you to connect with a large audience, from your followers to strangers. You can allow users to view your live session even if it has ended. In addition, Instagram also offers a practice mode that allows you to check the internet connection, lights and any other settings before going live.

So, if you are planning to use Instagram as a live streaming app, you have to face some shortcomings. First, Instagram does not offer a monetization method for live streaming sessions (at least for now). And secondly, it would be great if you use a different device than your regular one for Instagram live sessions, because the live stream will be interrupted when you receive a call and it can ruin your user experience.


Most of the above mobile apps have embraced the live streaming trend. You can develop a live streaming mobile app which includes almost all live streaming features and functionality that users can enjoy with just one theme. It can provide the best user experience, not the irritating one that Instagram offers these days.

If you have something special to offer your target audience, you can reach out to app development companies and share your thoughts. Live streaming app developers from top app development companies know how to share your app idea with the world as a working mobile app and make it searchable.

Frequent questions

1. How long can live streaming app development take?

Just like cost estimation, the determination of the livestream app development solution time frame depends on several factors such as project requirements, app development time, app development complexity, type solution, features and functionalities including livestream app development, the required team of app developers and much more.

2. How can I develop a live streaming mobile app?

You can contact top app development companies like X-Strategy Services from which you can hire a team of dedicated developers to develop live streaming apps that can provide extensive benefits such as flexibility, cost effectiveness, increased productivity, special skills and various others.

3. How much can developing live streaming apps cost?

Estimating the cost of developing a live streaming app doesn’t depend on a single factor. The quote takes into account several factors, such as the requirements of the app development project, the type of solution, the complexity of the app development, the features and functionalities to be included in the mobile app, and much more.