Top 10 Database For Web Application Development

by | Nov 6, 2022 | Web Development

It is important for every organization, whether private or large, to produce a large amount of information at every customer touchpoint. Every organization needs a database to store large amounts of data, even this type of data can be fundamental. A database management system could be of great help in providing you with such a facility.

Let’s say if you have a house, you also have the storage room. In your computer network, database is the storage space that stores all essential information and data reports. The only difference is that the database stores all kinds of sensitive information, so we should be very careful with it instead of just being careless like we do with our storage.

The most popular database is the usual SQL list consisting of NoSQL, NewSQL and Cloud Database. These all kinds of databases come from microservices, distributed cloud applications, semi-structured data, big data, low latency data, etc.

Now let’s talk about the facts and figures of the best databases for 2022. said that more than 91% of companies with more than 11 employees use CRM software. Another Nucleus Research report found that 65% of companies using CRM for mobile web development hit their sales quotas.

Best Database for Web Application Development in 2022

1) MySQL

MySQL is one of the most popular databases to use in 2022 in the IT world, especially in web application development. The main objective of this database is stability, robustness and maturity. The most popular application of this database is for web development solutions. MySQL 8.0 is the latest version and includes a fix for some serious performance bugs in previous versions, which means it’s now easier than ever to manage data-intensive projects from start to finish!

2) The Oracle

After MS-SQL, Oracle is one of the most successful database management systems on the market. It is used by big companies like Amazon and Walmart. The fact that it was an established company from the start made it much more attractive and friendly to small businesses. Oracle not only includes features useful in a database management system like any other, but combines many of these features into one, making Oracle the number one choice in the database world.

3) PostgreSQL

Postgres is an acronym for POSTGRES, the original name of the database management system which stood for Parallel Object-Relational SQL. The awards referenced in the rewritten text are The ACM Software System Award: A Database Management System and International System Award: Computer Software Category, respectively. Also known as Postgres, this free and open-source database management software was developed by the PostgreSQL Global Development Group and can be used in a variety of commercial domains such as gaming applications, domain registrations, etc.

4) MongoDB

MongoDB is a NoSQL database management software first released in 2009 that manages document data versus relational data used by RDBMS. For this reason, difficulties arise when attempting to load and retrieve data from RDBMS using object-oriented languages ​​that require additional mapping at the application level. Therefore, MongoDB development was created to overcome this problem.

5) Say it again

Redis is an open-source database project based on the well-known MQ message queuing software. Redis can be described as a primitive key-value store with optional durability or reassuring messages between applications. Although Redis provides support for advanced data structures, its main purpose is to help web app developers quickly resolve various problems and then move on to other projects, eliminating the need to install and configure traditional database tools such as MySQL or PostgreSQL. Lit.

6) Elastic search

Elasticsearch is an open-source distributed search server based on Apache Lucene. It is a full-text search engine with a REST API that supports replication of multiple data centers and automatic indexing of documents. You can also customize it to your needs and parse your logging data specifically using JSON functionality.

7) MariaDB

MariaDB is a type of database management system compatible with MySQL. It comes from the original company that created MySQL and can still be used interchangeably. MariaDB leverages the parallel data architecture, which facilitates the proper organization of relational databases.

8) SQLite

SQLite is a free database that supports SQL queries. It is available on all major platforms and is one of the most widely used databases for mobile devices. This cross-platform functionality makes it ideal for portable applications such as games, as you can use the same JavaScript code to run it on phones, browsers, and computers. Other reasons to use SQLite are lack of admin overhead, performance benchmarks, rich features, and release cycles.

9) Neo4j

Neo4j is both an open source and object oriented database management system commonly used in web development. The principle is to create a chart instead of a table. In this case, the relationship between your data is saved / stored quickly so that you can later use it for link attributes if needed and continue to save time without affecting the domain data.

10) DynamoDB

DynamoDB is a major player in the database game. It is not tied to a specific platform; is compatible with various tools, platforms and languages ​​for a better user experience. DynamoDB offers built-in security measures, so you don’t have to worry about them affecting your database software or your performance. It also stores data locally in RAM so you can quickly retrieve it when you need it.


The database is the cornerstone when it comes to developing a web application. If we take any organization, it will not be able to thrive without the help of the Database. You may choose any Database from the list. Well, you got a pretty good list to choose the perfect database for your web application development.